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Oud Body Lotion

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عود عربي خفيف مش تقيل مناسب له جميع الازواق 

soft  and fresh oud 

Our 85% natural body lotion energizes your senses and leaves your skin feeling smoother with this heavenly scented body lotion. Easy to apply and quick to sink in, it's perfect for everyday use. 

 Apply generously. Massage into skin. For the sweetest effect apply after showering on damp skin.


Argan oil, Paraffin oil, Carbomer, Glycerin-2-stearate, Glycerin, Cetyl alcohol, Octadecanoic acid, TEA, Aqua, Perfume

How to Use

Here is how to use it

Daily Use soap For Face and Body

Essential Tools

  • Natural ingredients

  • Cruelty free

  • For all skin types

  • No animal testing